Prickly lemon tree supplies emergency refuge for Cohesion birds

DEAR JOAN: My mom has had a Meyer lemon tree in her yard for fifty years. Nice fruit, vicious thorns.

Normally, the one avian guests are hummingbirds. In recent times, on 3 events, a few dozen birds have swarmed the tree. There were as much as 5 other species, from hummers to dove-sized birds.

I used to be perplexed, till I noticed a couple of hawks circling above. Is that this “Lemon Castle” habits standard, or have those previous birds discovered a brand new trick?

The smaller hawk had a white breast and variegated brown feathers. The bigger had all darkish feathers. Are those a couple, or strangers searching in combination?

Maria, Cohesion

DEAR MARIA: You recognize what they are saying, any port in a typhoon, even one with viscous thorns.

On every occasion birds sense threat, from above or at flooring stage, their instincts inform them to take quilt. Shrubs are the extra commonplace puts birds cross to flee a danger, however any plant that provides them leafy coverage will paintings.

As for the hawks, even mated pairs don’t hunt in combination, which is to mention cooperatively. It’s possible you’ll see a few hawks searching in the similar house on the similar time, however they’re nonetheless out for themselves. The exception is the Harris’ hawk, which is the one identified raptor to seek in packs.

The pair you noticed may were searching one at a time, or you may have observed an grownup and a juvenile, who is solely finding out the fine details of discovering meals.

DEAR JOAN: My child hummers fledged so I took down the nest. Within the nest is an overly cushy subject material, like fur. It nearly seems artifical. Have you learnt what plant supply is used for this? It’s so very cushy.

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Yvonne Moss, Cohesion

DEAR YVONNE: Hummers employ various “fluffy” vegetation to line their nests.

Catkin-bearing timber and shrubs with cushy plant fibers, plants that experience fuzzy foliage or fluff-filled seed pods, or even weeds all provide the products.

If you wish to lend a hand the hummers of their nest construction objectives, check out rising clematis, honeysuckle, pasque flower, blanket flower, lamb’s ears, and milkweed. Hummers additionally gather fluffy fibers from dandelions and cattails.

DEAR JOAN: My pal lives in Morro Bay, and she or he and her neighbors are having horrible issues of pigeons of their yards.

I are living in Alamo and feature the crow downside. I did purchase two plastic “useless” crows however have now not hung them but. I will be able to take your phrase for it that my crows can have a pleasant large funeral when I put them up.

Any concepts on eliminating pigeons could be useful.

Peggy, Alamo

DEAR PEGGY: Almost definitely one of the best ways to deter pigeons on your backyard is to take away chicken feeders and baths.

Placing up pinwheels or putting glossy ribbons in spaces the birds congregate additionally will assist to scare them away. Owl or hawk effigies and rubber snakes may also deter pigeons, however it’s very best to transport those round on a daily basis or to be able to stay the pigeons from working out they’re risk free. Some fashions are supplied with motion-activated sounds and actions.

As in your crow downside, I don’t know if plastic pretend crows are life like sufficient to paintings. You may have to move with one thing feathered.

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