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Q. Each and every yr our gorgeous orange clivia blooms open air in our coloration lawn, however the tops of the foliage are continuously yellow and brown. What reasons this discoloration of the leaves?

Georgiana Flaherty, San Jose

A. The perhaps purpose, if the vegetation are differently wholesome and blooming, is an excessive amount of water. Clivia, a South African local plant, wish to be simply slightly wet, grown in soil with superb drainage. Test your irrigation and soil moisture to verify they aren’t getting an excessive amount of water.

Two times a yr, clivias want a leisure duration — in iciness ahead of flowering and right away after spring blooming. Right through the ones instances of leisure, you will have to forestall fertilizing them and water will have to be dramatically diminished to as soon as each and every 3 to 4 weeks. When new expansion begins to seem, you’ll resume your weekly watering and per thirty days fertilizing agenda.

Older foliage at the vegetation additionally will flip yellow and die because the vegetation produce new leaves. If that’s the case, the yellowing is customary and not anything to fret about.

Clivia thrive with benign forget. They don’t love to have their roots disturbed, so they just want to be dug out and thinned each and every 3 to 5 years. Additionally they bloom absolute best when they’re fairly overcrowded.

Global Bare Gardening Day

If you happen to’re making plans to take part in Global Bare Gardening Day on Would possibly 7, the American Affiliation for Nude Sport has some guidelines. (And sure, bare gardening day is an actual factor and so is the nude game affiliation.)

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The affiliation says along with frame acceptance and private freedom, nude gardening has different attributes together with convenience, laundry financial savings and simple non-public blank up with a snappy dampen. The group says it’s like “dipping one’s toe in a mix Nakation Staycation,” which, as you will have guessed, is a nude holiday at or close to house.

Ahead of tending your naked bare girls within the nude, listed below are some tips on doing it safely:

  • Practice sunscreen liberally
  • Should you’re gardening at first light or nightfall, be mindful the trojan horse repellent
  • Prune roses, bougainvillea and different thorny vegetation with warning
  • Don protecting gardening gloves, hat and sun shades
  • Upload on your convenience via kneeling or sitting on a towel-covered gardening mat
  • Experience that Diet D

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