6 spooky, haunted hikes within the Bay Space for Halloween 2022

Folks in horror films get such a lot workout. All that leaping round and operating from psychotic killers plodding proper in the back of – anyone will have to make that right into a exercise regimen. Round right here, we generally tend to go for motorcycle rides and mountaineering throughout the beautiful outside. However for individuals who wish to mix horror with their hikes, a number of locations within the Bay Space are downright spooky, creepy-crawly or stalked via grumpy cryptids. Listed here are a couple of excellent ones:

1 Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Felton house

Do you know the Bay Space has its personal particular taste of Sasquatch? Michael Rugg, who runs the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, recounts an itinerant bicycle owner’s 2002 sighting close to Freeway 1 and Santa Cruz: “As he wheeled previous and seemed down into the gully he noticed what he first idea was once an individual wearing white rags, slicing a swath throughout the brush together with his palms swinging scythe-like in entrance of him to transparent a trail. Then as he watched incredulously, he noticed the determine seem to simply step over a fence with out breaking stride, and at that time, he determined he was once taking a look at a closely constructed being that looked to be about 8-feet tall and coated in white or grey hair (fairly than rags as he first idea). At this level he determined to pedal on out of there as rapid as imaginable….”

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Fog covers Freeway 9 on a wet morning at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park close to Santa Cruz. 

The place would any such Bigfoot be hiding round them portions? Neatly, a excellent bet could be amongst bushes simply as towering as he’s on the Henry Cowell Redwoods. An excellent (and simple) strategy to enjoy this herbal surprise is the Redwood Grove Loop Path that snakes amongst residing giants greater than 1,500 years outdated. Glance sparsely and it’s possible you’ll spot the “Phantom of the Wooded area,” probably the most few albino redwoods that develop within the park and are ghostly white because of chlorophyll deficiency.

2 Ocean Seashore to Lands Finish, San Francisco

Some of the majestic vistas in San Francisco is plagued by reminders of the lifeless. Right through stormy climate, sturdy waves discover tombstones on Ocean Seashore, transported right here within the early 1900s as the town cleared cemeteries for city expansion. Get started someplace decrease at the seashore path and make your approach north.

Ultimately, you’ll succeed in the atmospheric stays of the Sutro Baths, a saltwater swimming complicated that burned down within the Nineteen Sixties. It’s stuffed with murky swimming pools you’d be expecting to harbor Swamp Issues. Right through low tide, it’s imaginable to look forlorn shipwrecks embedded somewhat techniques off the coast. Head to the ocean cave up from the shore for every other darkish deal with: This slim tunnel into the rock, echoing with pounding surf, is rumored to were utilized by Satanists and is supposedly haunted. Raise a candle in, the legend is going, and one thing will seize it out of your hand and throw it into the water.

Ladybugs cluster on the back of a sign at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, near the junction of the Stream and Prince trail. During their annual migration, ladybugs cluster by the thousands on logs, fence posts and shrubs at Redwood and other Bay Area venues.
Ladybugs cluster at the again of an indication at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, close to the junction of the Flow and Prince path. Right through their annual migration, ladybugs cluster via the 1000’s on logs, fence posts and shrubs at Redwood and different Bay Space venues. 

3 Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park, Oakland

Were given a pal who suffers from serious entomophobia? Now’s an out of this world time to take them to the Reinhardt Redwoods and wax lyrical at the ugly wonderful thing about ladybugs. Right through the chilly season, those colourful bugs cluster across the Creek Path in large gobs that overwhelm vines and coat surfaces like pink truck bed-liner paint. Do you know a bunch of ladybugs is technically referred to as a “loveliness”? Or that they emit foul liquid from leg joints when threatened? Or they are able to play lifeless handiest to unexpectedly upward thrust like zombies? Now you do, and so does your former buddy.

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Eureka Slope, an inclined shaft that was once the entrance to the Eureka Coal Mine in the 1800s, is located at Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in Antioch.
Eureka Slope, an susceptible shaft that was once as soon as the doorway to the Eureka Coal Mine within the 1800s, is situated at Black Diamond Mines Regional Keep in Antioch. 

4 Black Diamond Mines Regional Keep, Antioch house

Shadowy nooks and crannies, remnants of 1800s and 1900s mining process within the East Bay, are in every single place this wild park. Yawning shafts descend at steep angles apparently into the middle of the earth. (You’ll be able to input one of the most mine tunnels, if you happen to agenda a guided excursion.) Caves dot the edges of trails – a couple of are house to bats, which flit out and in in the summer. The morbidly susceptible can discuss with Rose Hill Cemetery, the resting position to “kids who died in epidemics, girls who died in childbirth, and males who died in mining screw ups and of different issues,” consistent with the East Bay Regional Park District.

People enter a tunnel at the San Cristobal mine at Almaden Quicksilver County Park in San Jose.
Folks input a tunnel on the San Cristobal mine at Almaden Quicksilver County Park in San Jose. 

5 Almaden Quicksilver County Park, San Jose house

For many years, other people have whispered a few tribe of pale-white cannibals that chase vehicles and other folks across the South Bay, specifically in Alum Rock and on Hicks Highway. The San Jose blood albinos, as they’re fairly sadly identified – one day we’ll quash the ones destructive albinism tropes – are stated to be armed, vicious and supremely hungry, on occasion dragging roadkill off the pavement when they are able to’t to find human flesh. Some say they’re descendents of a neighborhood Swedish neighborhood, others that they’re the offspring of mercury miners who by no means noticed sunlight.

If there’s certainly an “albino fort” harboring those guys, as rumored, it could be in Almaden Quicksilver, a pleasing leisure house dotted with outdated mercury-mining infrastructure. Take a little time to benefit from the points of interest and 37 miles of mountaineering trails, virtually part of it biking-accessible. Simply don’t prevent on any farm animals grates, cautions one believer, as that’s when “they’ll pop out and snatch you.”

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Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland is a lovely place to contemplate life and nature. And, brain.
Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland is a phenomenal position to consider existence and nature. And, mind. 

6 Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland

What will have to be probably the most East Bay’s spookiest puts, in fact is a sanctuary for quiet contemplation of existence and nature. Designed via Frederick Legislation Olmsted of Central Park popularity, Mountain View rises above the encompassing neighborhoods and is threaded with strolling paths thru numerous, post-life neighborhoods. You’ll be able to calm down in shadows solid via large, bookshelf-like columbariums, then go via a small Jewish cemetery and Asian plots located to enhance feng shui, the entire whilst taking part in the background rustling of squirrels and Canadian ducks. Close to the highest are hulking tombs of the wealthy and well-known – the so-called “Millionaire’s Row” – giving other people like Oakland mayor Samuel Merritt and chocolate-maker Domingo Ghirardelli everlasting perspectives of the shimmering Bay. (Public visiting hours exchange, however as of now it’s 8 a.m. to six p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.)